The Word Forgiveness.
You must have heard people say, forgive those who hurt you.
But the truth is, forgiving people no matter the wrong they do to us is hard. It is not easy to forgive someone who killed your mother, or someone who could give you a job, but wouldn’t, because they hate you for no reason or someone who raped you, or a father who never took care of you when you needed him the most in your childhood
Sometimes we say it’s easy for people to say forgive others because they have never being hurt the way we were hurt before. ‘you don’t know what he did to me!’ we would say. But then, the truth is unforgiveness hurts. Oh, let’s not even talk about how you feel when you see the person. You wish you could rip them apart, you wish you could put them behind bars forever. You may even wish for them to die. In the end, you are the one who is suffering.
Reasons why you wouldn’t want to forgive
1) They don’t Worth your Forgiveness
2) They are wicked.
3) they don’t deserve your love.
But then, you are the one in pain. You are the one who wouldn’t stop being angry, you become so bitter that your health and daily activities may even be affected. In the long run, you are the one hurting your own self, not them.
Reasons why you should forgive and let go
1) self love
2)Peace of mind
3) your health
4) beautiful life.
I could go and on why you should forgive! Forgiving is not for them! It’s for you! Always remember that. You should not make yourself suffer for anyone’s mistake. Love and pamper yourself and mind. But then, it’s so hard to let go. The things they did to us made us suffer and cry, it’s really hard to let go, no matter how hard we try. We try to cry all night, praying one day, we would wake up happy, but it is hard! The people wouldn’t even accept they are wrong, how can we let go, it’s hard! But then I have two solutions for your hard time forgiving.
1) pray about it until you are able to let go
2) you are stronger than your emotions! So keep on pushing


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