Hello! Let me talk about obesity a little bit.
Definition : obesity means having an excess body fat.
Note the word *Excess* we have two types of body fat. We have essential body fat, and storage body fat. We need the essential body fat for our overall health performance. We need it for the padding of our internal oragans and cushion for bones. They are found in the immune system, circulatory system and nervous system. The essential fat is about 3%-5% for the male, and about 8%-12% for the female.
But the storage fat is the fat not really needed by the body. The storage fat are stored in the adipose tissues. About 3% in males and 8% in females.
Note: reduction of essential body fat can impair the normal funtioning of the body. It can lead to immune system, reproductive and circulatory disorders. Essential body fat can be reduced through extreme exercise and extreme fasting.
Having an excess storage fat which can lead to obesity and has a lot of disavantages. An obese person is more likely to develop
1) Kidney disease.
2) Diabetics.
3) Gallbladder disease.
4) Heart related diseases.
5) High cholesterol levels.
6) And reduced body motion.
The BMI which means Body mass index can be used to calculate the state of an individual, it can be used to determine wether an individual is normal weight, obese or underweight. In the resolution of BMI, we need the person’s weight, which can be gotten form a weighing scale, and the height which can be measured with a tape rule.
Then to calculate for BMI, we use this formula BMI=body weight/height²
Below 18.5 is under weight
18-24.99 is normal weight.
25-29.99 is pre obese
29.99 upwards is obese. Though, BMI is not a perfect assessment for resistance trained population (althetes) but an increased BMI can lead to health related problems.
Healthy eating, like eating more of fruits, and vegetables than junks like doughnuts and biscuits can prevent obesity. Increased physical activities and daily exercises is good for the performance of the general body and it helps to burn fat and reduce obesity and it’s related health conditions.



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