We want to grow, prosper and have the best things in life. We want to become like Albert Einstein and like Oprah winfery…..

We want to have everything we desire. And when we don’t get them, we become frustrated. We live in a world where our needs are unsatisfiable. Even with the much we have, we still want more. And then we work, struggle and fight for the things we desire. We fight for air, food, spouse, home, good cars etc. But know this, No matter how much you have, you will still want more.

Our satisfaction should be derived from contentment, not from the things we do not have, but from the things we have. that way, we can truly be happy. You didn’t get the job you wanted,doesn’t mean you won’t get the best job. You didn’t marry your first love doesn’t mean you won’t marry the best spouse, you didn’t get the grades you wanted doesn’t mean you won’t do well in life, it seems you are not doing better than your classmates, doesn’t men you are inferior.

Your plan is to grow.so keep growing! And in every stage of your life, celebrate small victories. But don’t be stagnant, work, keep on growing . Aspire for the best, but even though what you desire doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Be contented and keep on growing.


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