Sunday, February 23, 2020

About Us

Global Light Empowerment Team Popularly known as GLET is an NGO Located in Edo Sate Nigeria. It comprises of young people from various colleges in the country and focuses on empowering them in various areas by providing Motivational quote, Tutorials and seminars

Purpose of the Organization

1.To save lives.
2.To Fight against injustice.
3.To maintain human dignity.
4.To cater for the orphans, less privilege & Widows.

The Vision

GLET is a Non-Governmental Organization that exist to motivate,educate,encourage and save lives across the globe by offering all forms of humanitarian services and empowerment programs such as academic seminars,career development,relationship counselling e.t.c, thereby creating a peaceful co-existence among the less privilege,widows,orphans and other citizens.
Our Mission
We stand as a team to alleviate suffering by providing financial assistance and other forms of assistance to the society on the basis of need regardless of the gender & nationality

The Objective

1.To eradicate poor academic performance or illiteracy among low-level citizens.
2.To defeat poverty by educating the youth about the values & significant of entrepreneurship across the globe.
3. To create a beauty in people to discover their purpose & maximize their potentials,self confidence & desires to be outstanding & fulfilled in life.

What We Do

  • We Coach

    We coach students, individual how to unlock their hidden potentials, mastering their Emotions and building a better relationship

  • We Inspire

    We inspire people to be their best with our motivational series.we do this by publishing great quotes and success stories of others to inspire them

  • Seminars

    We organise seminars and school tutorials for students to educate them on their field of study for good academic excellence

  • Online Competition

    We organise online competitions periodically for young people to encourage them in the areas of poems and essays.

Meet Our Founder

Ejes Olive,The founder of Global Light Empowerment Team,is a talented speaker.He is driven with passion to create a meaningful life for people through his keynote speech & humanitarian services. Ejes Olive’s dynamic and empowerment seminars creates practical results.
His focus areas are Time Management,Emotions,Academic Excellence & Career Development.



At GLET,we are currently looking for volunteers,like minded people that can share the vision with us across the Globe. Please click on the button below.